About SmashingWP

Hello there!

My name is Mairaj Pirzada. I will give you a brief introduction of SmashingWP.

SmashingWP publishes user-friendly WordPress tutorials and guides, every day. It aims to guide novice WordPress users on various issues and topics. WordPress is the largest content management system as of today by way of its market-share. As of this writing, it comprises roughly 25% of the world wide web, which is a LOT. That means millions of sites use WordPress to operate. SmashingWP is powered by WordPress for WordPress users.

We intend to give guidance on topics such as:

  • how to install plugins
  • how to make your site load instantly
  • how to properly make your site SEO-friendly
  • how to redirect www to non-www version of your domain
  • how to submit XML Sitemap to Google Webmasters
  • how to save your site after it has been hacked

The focus is on tutorials and guides that help fully maximize the power of WordPress. SmashingWP has just been born, so there is not much for it to offer. But slowly but steadily, we hope to make it a better WordPress tutorials site. Another distinction we want to make from other WP tutorials’ sites is that SmashingWP is user-friendly. I joke, we make jokes and try our best to not sound like a documentation written by some computer robot who gives no shit to your goals, plans or aspirations.

Mairaj Pirzada

simpeI am the person writing this About page. I am the co-founder & CEO of this little effort called SmashingWP. With an experience of 5+ years in serving clients and operating WordPress, I know just enough to be able to help beginners kick-start their WP sites. Currently pursuing Computer Science degree at LUMS, he works on SmashingWP part-time.

Muhammad Haroon

medium_Muhammad-haroonMuhammad Haroon is the co-founder and senior writer on the site. He has ruthless experience of 5+ years in WordPress community. Besides running a popular web dev & design magazine Softstribe, he pursues Computer Science degree at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University.