Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup (January 18, 2017)

Some plugin new WordPress developers are so nice and fulfill basic need of a WordPress user. If you know how menus are important in WordPress, then you might have tried to add mega menu in your WordPress site, right?

When I was writing January 17, 2017 news plugins roundup I found really best plugin of all the time that can really help you to add mega menu in your WordPress site. If you are looking or ever searhed for how to make WordPress menu as a mega menu then you should try, Clever Mega Menu. Trust me, it is great.

However, here is the daily new WordPress plugins roundup of January 18, 2017.

New WordPress Plugins

  • WP CSS Generator: Customize you WP page elements easy and fast. Get full control over any element or property.
  • DW Anything: Create custom database-driven widgets without programming.
  • Woo Show Product DiscountWoo Show Product Discount an WooCommerce extension to show product discount on shop page as well as on product page. Most importantly provides lots of customization options to give it your unique touch.
  • WooCommerce SMS Notifications: Sends SMS notifications to your clients for order status changes. You can also receive an SMS message when a new order is received.
  • Minitek Wall: Minitek Wall is the most powerful content display system for WordPress.
  • Responsive Check: Just a Responsive check tool. You can check the responsiveness of every website with this tool by just entering the url in shortcode.
  • Footnotes Made EasyFootnotes Made Easy is a simple, but powerful, method of adding footnotes into your posts and pages.
  • Calldrip Call Referer Tracking: Dynamically inserts/swaps telephone numbers based on query string parameter highlighting source.
  • tasador-de-coches: Formulario de tasación que podrás añadir a tu página de WordPress, y poder ofrecer a tus usuarios realizar tasaciones de vehículos.
  • WooCommerce Product Images Slider: This plugin creates a attractive responsive slider/carousel for WooCommerce product gallery images with nicely lightbox effect.
  • Block Temporary Email: This plugin will detect and block disposable, temporary, fake email addresses every time an email is submitted.

New WordPress Premium Plugins

  • Advertising Banner Manager by Loomisoft: Ideal for content websites that need to display advertising banners, whether for direct advertising customers or from advertising networks like Google AdSense, Loomisoft’s Advertising Banner Manager plugin provides functionality that makes it easy to set up banners place them anywhere on your WordPress website via shortcode, via widgets or via PHP.
  • Mountee: Mountee allows access to WordPress theme files as Mac Finder files, so you can work efficiently in your favorite coding app to edit (or add new files) on the fly instead of using FTP.
  • Updated (Not published on January 18, 2017)
    mCommerce – WooCommerce Mobile Theme: Having an interactive mobile eCommerce site is important for anyone who is serious about selling products online.,

By the way, it seems like very few new WordPress plugins were published on January 18, 2017. Let’s wait to see what Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup January 19, 2017 brings us.

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