Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup (January 20, 2017)

It’s Friday and I hope everyone is enjoying since, it is the half day of the week right. But, I’m not sure if WordPress developers are enjoying or still coding to make an effort to WordPress sad but true.

Our WordPress developers work really hard to give us efficient plugins at no cost. As I was writing yesterday’s roundup of Jan 19, 2017, I came across to a really amazing plugin i.e., Bulk Password Protect Post Types. This plugin helps you to password protect your custom post types just like we can password protect our posts in WordPress. Isn’t it great, right. Such plugins are really making WordPress effective and easy to understand.

However, let me get back to the list of new WordPress free and premium plugins for today’s roundup.

New WordPress Plugins

There you have it.

  • Custom Range Terms: With this plugin you can create a range terms saving your time. How? Suppose, for example, you want create a numeric terms of default taxonomy category from 1 to 20.
  • Exclude Me: Exclude yourself and your members from being tracked by google analytic or other JavaScript base tracking code.
  • Upscribe: Grow your mailing list / newsletter following by capturing leads through your WordPress website or blog with beautifully designed newsletter signup forms.
  • Cat Generator Avatars: A cat avatars plugin which based on David Revoy’s artwork.
  • Marktfeed: Publish and manage your ads autoamtically on Marktplaats.nl with Marktfeed | Free setup by the Marktfeed team
  • WP Featured Image Widget: This plugin provides a widget that displays the featured image for a post or page with custom settings.
  • SEO Spider Tool: You no longer need to check the how many h1 is available on your page. Simply activate the plugin and visit the setting page to SEO Spider Tool and check the how many h1 is available in your pages.
  • Remove Query Strings: Removes all query strings from static resources meaning that proxy servers and beyond can better cache your site content (plus, better SEO scores).
  • Product Specifications for Woocommerce: This plugin adds a product specifications table to your woocommerce single-product page.
  • bbP API: A first attempt for a bbPress API.
  • a-folio: Manage and display your portfolio projects using a customizable grid layout in WordPress.
  • Inactive Logout: Logs out users within defined time when inactive. Modify to show only wake up message and not log out as well. Supported for multisites as well.
  • Official Pricerunner Product Feed: Get your product catalog listed on Pricerunner with this new official plugin from Pricerunner.
  • Podamibe 2Checkout: A perfect plugin for online payment using 2Checkout.
  • Fixed And Sticky Header: This plugin will made your header fixed and sticky.
  • Resize Post Thumbnails: This plugin will resize post thumbnails on the fly.
  • Download External Images In Posts: This plugin will download external images in your posts to your “wp-content/uploads” folder.
  • Simple FB Feeds: Simple FB Feeds provides immediate access to your Facebook pages, Facebook posts, Facebook news updates, Facebook videos and Facebook photos.
  • Preloader for Website: A loading screen add-on for your WordPress website.
  • CBX Google Map: Easy google map embed using shortcode, Responsive.
  • GS Only PDF Preview: The plugin calls GhostScript directly to produce PDF previews, by-passing ImageMagick.
  • TablePress Extension Chartist: Create a responsive chart based on the data in a TablePress table.
  • Tournament Bracket GeneratorTournament Bracket Generator provides an easy way to create a stunning bracket for any sport of event.

New WordPress Premium Plugins

Sorry no new premium plugins was found however, 2 plugins were updated on January 20, 2017

  • Mountee: Mountee allows access to WordPress theme files as Mac Finder files, so you can work efficiently in your favorite coding app to edit (or add new files) on the fly instead of using FTP.
  • Smart4y Tooltip: A flexible and responsive plugin for modern tooltips without any Javascript library dependencies.

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