How to Require Featured Image To Be Set Before Posts Are Published

Does your theme make use of featured images? Do you run a multi-author blog and your teammates forget setting up featured images for posts? If so, the solution is here.

Post Thumbnail was a major feature introduced in WordPress 2.9. It was quickly renamed to Featured Image. Featured Image or Post Thumbnail is that representative image attached to Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types. Where this image is displayed is up to the theme. These days, almost every theme makes use of Featured Image. Especially magazine-style themes are predominantly using this feature to display featured image alongside posts’ display. Often times this lack of featured image on a post or page causes the theme to not look messed up or “missing”.

We are humans and we tend to forget things. For that reason, this plugin will help you set featured image for posts, pages, etc.

In this post, I will show you how to require featured image to be set before a post, page or custom post type entry is published. This is a handy little tip for multi-blog authors with not so good memory.

The plugin in action


How to Require Featured Image to be Set

Install & activate Require Featured Image

Once activated, you can define which Custom Post Types are to require featured image to be set. By default, the plugin only works for “Posts” post type. However you can change that and require featured images of “Pages” post type to be required before they are published.

To include/exclude which post types are required to set featured image, go to Settings > Req Featured Image. Check or uncheck post types as per your preferences and hit “Save Changes“. Done! Hint: you could also set a minimum image size for¬†featured images.


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