Daily New WordPress Plugins Roundup [May 30, 2019]

We share new WordPress plugins here daily that gets updated on WordPress.org.

Find out the best new plugins below which are uploaded on WordPress plugins repository on May 30, 2019.

Daily New WordPress Plugins Roundup [May 30, 2019]

  1. Cross Domain Tracker for AffiliateWP: The official AffiliateWP – External Referral Links add-on is excellent for tracking referrals from different domains.

  2. Full Site Editing: This plugin comes with a custom block to display a list of your most recent blog posts, as well as a template selector.

  3. Cache Buster: “Have you emptied your cache?” If you’re a developer, you’ve probably asked your clients this question hundreds of times.

  4. CatchFeeder: CatchFeeder is an app that will list products from your store on the www.catch.com.au marketplace.

  5. Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce: Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce increases your revenue streams by adding Bitcoin payments to your WooCommerce checkout.

  6. EngageBay WooCommerce integration: Marketing Automation for your eCommerce business.

  7. Parsian Bank Woocommerce: Woocommerce Parisian Bank Gateway.

  8. Elementor Post Grid By Geeky Green Owl: This plugin is an addon for Elementor Pagebuilder. Elementor Post Grid by Geeky Green Owl helps to create grids for your posts,

  9. Wp Post Grid / Slider / Filter: Display post slider / grid . filter anywhere in your WordPress site using Wp Post Grid / Slider / Filter plugin shortcodes.

  10. Wordfence Login Security: Wordfence Login Security contains a subset of the functionality found in the full Wordfence plugin:

  11. WC Shop Title: There are no settings. Just install and activate it and whatever the page’s title is set to be will show up on your shop page.

  12. MightyForms: MightyForms is a powerful online form builder app that allows you to quickly build and truly customize a web form to serve your business’ needs.

  13. Gosign – Gallery box Block: Create Gallery box Block with Latest WordPress Gutenberg, optional Lightbox for images preview,

  14. Deploy Netlify Webhook: Easily deploy static sites using WordPress and Netlify.

  15. WP content countdown: WP content countdown es un plugin para WordPress que permite mostrar un contenido después de cierta fecha a través del uso de un shortcode.

Daily New WordPress Plugins Roundup [May 30, 2019] WordPress plugin

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