Apricotrocket CRM Plugin

Facebook App easily place a Custom Form on a Facebook business page to collect data from Facebook visitors and fans. subusers. Create an unlimited # of SubUsers on your account SubUser Controls. Set Access Permissions for each SubUser SubUser Tracking. Track changes made by SubUsers SMS Text Messaging. Optional Service available for nominal cost SMS Text Messaging. Create Templates and Campaigns. SMS Text Messaging. Track deliveries and receive inbound responses. MMS Messaging. Optional Texting capability included but separate fees apply Custom Database Fields. Group Checkbox function allows multiple selections Custom Directory. Create unlimited of directories and attach records from your database to a directory Custom Directory. Select from multiple directory display templates for each directory Click Triggers. use Click Triggers with Emails to create automated actions when an email link is clicked Click Triggers. automated actions include: Send Email, Send Text, Start Email Campaign, Start Text Campaign, and others

Apricotrocket CRM Plugin WordPress plugin

Apricotrocket CRM Plugin 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you ever decide to quit and want a refund we will refund your last 2 payments Easy to Use our system is designed for fast learning… it is simple and easy

You are here to download Apricotrocket CRM Plugin WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for Apricotrocket CRM Plugin WordPress with version i.e., 1.0.3. Apricotrocket CRM Plugin WordPress plugin is developed by Lee Thurburn.

We have provided download and source link below for Apricotrocket CRM Plugin WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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