Genesis Translations

This plugin translates the Genesis Framework into one of the available languages. No need to fuss about with your functions. php file or uploading .mo and files. Just install this plugin et voilá! If you’re curious about the status of your translations you can check out the translations here and if you’d like the improve your language you will need to register here first.

Genesis Translations WordPress plugin

Genesis Translations plugin Check Translate StudioPress to see which languages are currrently supported and how far along the translations are Let us know what you think about this plugin you liked or may have disliked

You are here to download Genesis Translations WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for Genesis Translations WordPress with version i.e., 2.8.0. Genesis Translations WordPress plugin is developed by ThemeMix, Remkus de Vries.

We have provided download and source link below for Genesis Translations WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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