Shift8 CDN

This is a plugin that integrates a 100% free CDN service operated by Shift8, for your WordPress site. What this means is that you can simply install this plugin, activate and register with our CDN service and all of your static assets on your website will be served through our global content delivery network.

Shift8 CDN WordPress plugin

Shift8 CDN plugin Shift8 has rolled out a consistently-growing CDN with endpoints all over the world. This plugin will make your site load way faster by using latency-based and geographic-based DNS resolution for requests

You are here to download Shift8 CDN WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for Shift8 CDN WordPress with version i.e., 1.06. Shift8 CDN WordPress plugin is developed by Shift8 Web.

We have provided download and source link below for Shift8 CDN WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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