Shops2apps – Now You Can Turn Any WordPress Content Site Into A Mobile App Have you ever wanted to turn your WordPress news or blog site into a simple mobile app? Well, now you can with Shops2Apps – a easy-to-use WordPress plug-in for both iOS and Android smartphones. It’s so simple to use, just about anybody can turn their content-rich web site into a fully functioning mobile app. As you probably already know, everybody’s going mobile these days. So, if you want to get noticed and get thousands of visitors to your site, you need to be mobilized. Now there’s nothing stopping you. With this complete mobile app WordPress plug-in, you can personalize your app to your heart’s content, and then view it on your own mobile device or see it live on-line. All that’s left to do is to sign up for one of Shops2Apps’ affordable pricing plans and share it with your readers. Now your site is easily available for the entire world to see. Be sure you’re prepared for the thousands of new visitors you’ll be getting. Shops2apps let’s you build a fully native mobile app in minutes that runs super fast on mobile devices. You don’t need any programming skills — we’ll build it, maintain it, and publish it for you in all the major app directories. Everything you need to make a successful mobile app is done for you, and you get our full technical support along the way.

Shops2Apps WordPress plugin

Shops2Apps plugin Share your app with just about everyone around the world Match your current website, or design something totally unique

You are here to download Shops2Apps WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for Shops2Apps WordPress with version i.e., 0.1.0. Shops2Apps WordPress plugin is developed by Shops2Apps.

We have provided download and source link below for Shops2Apps WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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