Social Networking WordPress plugin

Social Bartender

Social Bartender adds a new settings page where you can create a list of social network links and place them anywhere you want with one little function or widget. Users can select from the collection of social network icons that come with the plugin, select from a collection of icons provided with the theme (if support is built-in), or upload their own icons.

Social Bartender WordPress plugin

Social Bartender plugin The Social Bartender plugin was created by Shaken and Stirred Web. If you find any bugs, have feature requests Let us know what you think about this plugin you liked or may have disliked

You are here to download Social Bartender WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for Social Bartender WordPress with version i.e., 1.2.0. Social Bartender WordPress plugin is developed by Sawyer Hollenshead (Shaken & Stirred Web).

We have provided download and source link below for Social Bartender WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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