AceIDE is a WordPress code editor with the long term goal of becoming the ultimate environment to code/develop WordPress themes and plugins. You can edit any files in your wp-content, not just plugins and themes. Code completion will help you remember your WordPress/PHP commands providing function reference along the way. AceIDE allows you to work with multiple files, with basic features such as the tabbed editor, syntax highlighting and line numbers. It also provides some more advanced features such as syntax verification and automatic backups upon saving.

AceIDE WordPress plugin

AceIDE plugin If you find an issue, please let us know via the WordPress support forums This plugin would not be possible without the Cloud9 Editor which is the embedded code editor that powers

You are here to download AceIDE WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for AceIDE WordPress with version i.e., 2.6.1. AceIDE WordPress plugin is developed by AceIDE.

We have provided download and source link below for AceIDE WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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