BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials makes it easy to add Testimonials and Reviews to any Page using a shortcode or in a sidebar (widget area) using the provided widgets. Each testimonial includes a title, image, tagline, website URL, and message. You can also separate your testimonials into different groups (categories). BNE Testimonials will inherit the styling from your theme – just install and get to work adding your testimonials and reviews!

BNE Testimonials WordPress plugin

BNE Testimonials Plugin API Access: Display testimonials on multiple WordPress websites from a single source Testimonials help potential customers get to know that you are a trustworthy business

You are here to download BNE Testimonials WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for BNE Testimonials WordPress with version i.e., 2.0. BNE Testimonials WordPress plugin is developed by Kerry Kline.

We have provided download and source link below for BNE Testimonials WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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