Polarsteps Integration

Polarsteps.com offers a great way of logging your travel experiences. The app does record GPS Locations “Steps”. The user can add images and texts for them. However, for multiple reasons, a lot of travelers are having WordPress travel blogs up and running. If they still want to use Polarsteps and show their last location in their WordPress instance, this plugin offers basic integration between both worlds.

Polarsteps Integration WordPress plugin

Polarsteps Integration plugin This plugin does the first approach to caching the “Steps” on WordPress-side and giving to the users As I’m not part of the company behind Polarsteps and just developed the plugin for personal purposes

You are here to download Polarsteps Integration WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for Polarsteps Integration WordPress with version i.e., 0.3.3. Polarsteps Integration WordPress plugin is developed by npersonn.

We have provided download and source link below for Polarsteps Integration WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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