WooWBot WooCommerce ChatBot

WoowBot is a stand alone WooCommerce ChatBot with zero configuration or bot training required. This plug and play chat bot or conversational commerce shopbot also does not require any 3rd party service integration. However, the pro version of the plugin is integrated with Google Artificial Intelligence and machine learning API Dialogflow and lets you create custom Intents, Responses and Faceboo Messenger Rich messages. This shopping bot helps shoppers find the products they are looking for easily and increase store sales through conversational chat and increase your customer conversion rate!

WooWBot WooCommerce ChatBot WordPress plugin

ChatBot for WooCommerce WoowBot plugin You can make this plug n’ play ChatBot to work with any language with very little effort WoowBot: a new way of customer interaction that allows brands to connect with their customers

You are here to download WooWBot WooCommerce ChatBot WordPress, we have provided you direct download link for WooWBot WooCommerce ChatBot WordPress with version i.e., 2.3.0. WooWBot WooCommerce ChatBot WordPress plugin is developed by QunatumCloud.

We have provided download and source link below for WooWBot WooCommerce ChatBot WordPress plugin: Download | Source

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